Filmen kanns for vit - Still 1_edited.jpg

Filmen Känns För Vit/The Film is too White. 

Short synopsis:

A final feedback meeting is being held prior to the release of Fläderholmen's new commercial. Everyone is please, but then a thought arises as to whether the commercial can be perceived as too white. The discussion escalates to a debate about how it happened, if it can be solved and above all - whose fault it is. 

Co-produced by Film Stockholm AB and SVT with support from The Swedish Film Institute / Ami Ekström.


Anna Azcárate

Carita Ivanova

Daniel Nyström

Elle Kari Bergenrud

Jessica Liedberg

Mattias Silvell

Producers, writers & editors: Sebastian Johansson Micci & Manne Indahl

Director: Sebastian Johansson Micci

Cinematography: Maja Dennhag

Set Design: Vivien Reis

Sound: Patrik Strömdahl